About us
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Our press agency brings the hottest news, features, pictures and video content to publications around the world. We source exclusive stories from our own doorstep to those in countries thousands of miles away. Be it reports of gripping crime, emotional human interest tales or exclusive photographs, we guarantee to get people talking. HotSpot Media is constantly raising the bar and setting the standard for what we believe high quality content should be.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide high quality content that achieves results, whilst building long-term trust. Our team is made up of experienced, passionate journalists and photographers who have worked for the national press and, in some cases, international. HotSpot Media is a company with bags of energy and enthusiasm at every level, combined with experience of and insight into today’s media minefield.


Our clients are often those who find themselves at the centre of media attention as well as organisations or charities who want to raise awareness about their cause. We also provide content to all the major national newspapers, women's magazines and television programming including Sky News and This Morning.


HotSpot Media has the visually rich content you require. We work with the Best to give you the Best. Our on-going partnerships with the world’s greatest picture professionals ensures a consistently brilliant supply of picture stories to the world’s most demanding publications and media outlets. Team HotSpot work to bring you the best images from around the globe.

Sell your photos

Found yourself in the right place at the right time? Got a snap of a celebrity? We can help you find an outlet for that exciting photograph and earn you money too!

Real life stories

Whether you’re hoping to raise awareness, celebrating or achieving closure, whatever your reasons, HotSpot Media helps you share your story the way you want it to be. Our network of press contacts ensure you get the right coverage for your story, securing the best fee, whilst retaining control. Our friendly reporters support you throughout the whole process, protecting your interests in the whirlwind of the press industry.


Our creativity and smarts, coupled with top distribution methods, put us ahead of the rest. HotSpot photographers know the right pictures to take to get published – we work on a regular basis for the publications you want to be in and know their specific needs. Our industry knowledge and daily rapport with national news and picture desks combined with speedy, efficient delivery of images to publications maximise our chances of your PR shoot making the papers. Our clients include the Red Cross, Unite, the TSSA, John Lewis, IMC Worldwide, Various Regional health authorities and Premiership Football clubs.